To our cherished patron – please find below a comprehensive summary of the goods and services offered to you by CVC Kitchen, a subsidiary of Café Vin Cinq.


Our award-winning kitchen consistently achieves the highest scores and accolades for its scrupulous approach to food handling, preparation and safety. Our brigade of professional chefs have, collectively, been awarded extensive accreditations and qualifications, and CVC Kitchen steadfastly attains a 5* hygiene rating each year, issued by Rugby Borough Council. A 5* hygiene rating is the highest rating possible.


CVC Kitchen offers a ‘from our kitchen to your door’ fulfilment service. All the food preparation is undertaken on site, in our 5 * award-winning restaurant kitchen. CVC Kitchen is a dedicated drop-off service only.


CVC Kitchen believes the route to outstanding food lies in the quality and ethical nature of its produce, and/or ingredients. Our ingredients and produce are, wherever possible, sourced locally, and we place the highest value on our ability to attain its provenance. We only utilise produce and ingredients that are ethically and environmentally sustainable, and always of the very finest quality.


Should any guest have a specific dietary requirement, please state such at the time of order. We are sympathetic to your needs and have developed an inclusive menu, which allows for most dietary needs and allergen sensitivities.

All food is presented on the same platter. If any guests has a severe allergy, you MUST inform us of this allergy at the time of ordering, and we will ensure that their food is packed separately and clearly labelled as such.

Our website has been considerately designed to easily enable those with special dietary requirements to ‘filter out’ ingredients not wanted in their selection, rather than going to the painstaking trouble of trawling through each individual item to assess any potential problem.

For your peace of mind, please find a comprehensive allergen breakdown on our website, and if you require further information, please reach out to us.


All supplementary items delivered to you, with the exception of the food, remain the property of CVC and must be retained for us to collect.


Please visit


Please send your order to: [email protected] clearly stating quantities, selected food and noting any dietary requirements and allergies. You must include your telephone number, address and contact name. Your order will be confirmed back to you via email or telephone call.


Must be telephoned in and will be confirmed if availability is agreed. Please call +44 7483 334598

Orders must be received no later than 12 noon the previous day


Weekend deliveries are considered ‘non-standard’ but are, in most cases, viable; please be aware that they do incur an additional charge however. These orders must be placed no later than 12 noon on the THURSDAY prior to delivery. All orders will be confirmed the day they are placed.


All orders placed on-line should be confirmed via email, by 3pm. If you have not received your confirmation by 3pm, then your order may not have been received. Should this be the case, please contact us promptly on our mobile number +44 7483 334598.

The confirmation will note the food requested and the address we have been asked to deliver to. It is essential therefore that the details you submit to us are accurate. CVC Kitchen accepts no liability for any order placed which omits or incorrectly requests items not required. Additionally, if the address we are asked to deliver to proves incorrect, we can accept no liability for deliveries made to that incorrectly stated address and you will be invoiced accordingly.


All order cancellations or amendments require at least 24 hours notice. Orders cancelled after 12 noon the day prior to delivery, will be charged at 100%.


CVC Kitchen aims to deliver your order by or before the agreed delivery time; unforeseen events such as traffic hold-ups, may impact that aim. To minimise any risk of delay, please ensure you request a delivery time 30 minutes prior to your event commencing. We promise to do everything practicable to deliver your order within a 1 hour time slot.


Ideally, a pre-arranged designated delivery area will have been established, however, if this is not possible, our driver will leave your order at the reception area. As each order is part of a tightly scheduled multiple drop delivery service, and a dedicated drop-off facility only, we regret that our driver is unable to help with any other request. We will need to leave promptly so that we can fulfil everybody’s order in a timely fashion. It is standard practice for the delivery case holding your order, be relieved of its cargo immediately and returned to our driver; unless of course the contrary has been agreed previously.


CVC Kitchen is committed to bringing you outstanding quality, seasonal and locally sourced food, beautifully prepared and delightfully presented. Our pricing structure is highly competitive and is amended in keeping with seasonal changes. VAT is incurred on most items.


Repeat customers are welcome to set up a standard supply contract with CVC Kitchen, which offers bespoke scheduled orders.

We have a minimum order charge of £45 within a 15-mile radius.


Local (within 15 miles) orders placed during office hours and prior to the designated deadlines, will be delivered free of charge. Any orders placed outside the specified zone will incur a supplementary delivery fee.


Invoices will be sent via email, and addressed to the person who placed the order. If you would like us to invoice a named individual/department, please let us know.


Initial orders must be paid for using a debit or credit card. You are welcome to apply for a credit account with CVC Kitchen.