What’s In Season?

It probably comes as no surprise but we love food here at CVC Kitchen and Café Vin Cinq. It helps that we have a passionate and expert team of highly-skilled chefs, of course!

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As part of our ongoing passion project for fresh, delicious food, we want you to share in our love affair. Below you will find a few suggestions and options to eat seasonably this winter/spring.


Frosty February is a month that’s ideal for vegetables such as leeks and Savoy cabbage.

Full of anti-oxidants and vitamins, leeks can help stave off winter colds. They’re also the perfect partner to potatoes and cheese for deeply satisfying comfort dishes.

Why not add chopped and boiled leeks to mash potato with a good knob of butter and plenty of black pepper? Or try wrapping parboiled leeks in smoked ham, pouring over a bit of white sauce, sprinkling over breadcrumbs and baking until golden brown.

Pleasingly wrinkly to the touch and nutty to the taste, Savoy cabbage makes a superb addition to any meal. How about frying some finely sliced cabbage with pancetta and garlic? Or simply stir fry finely shredded cabbage with garlic, ginger and a little sesame oil.